By aquiring one of our stoves, you will give your home a stylish piece of furniture while at the same time saving money on your home’s heating bill. Our certified products will even allow you to take advantage of tax deductions.


Upon working with us, you will be able to offer your customers a beautifully produced and designed stove. With all the attention to detail that only a craft production like ours can give.

Manufaturer Warrenty

You will be happy to know that our products are built to last. Because of our extremem confidence in our products we have a superior warrenty for each and every one of our Stoves.

Italia Pellet Stoves is a leader in the production and sales of pellet stoves.

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Elite Engineered Design

The range of our stoves ranges from classic, rustic, up to the most modern trends. The attention to detail, the high quality of raw materials, precision workmanship and attention to design are the most tangible and concrete expression.

Quiet Heating Comfort

Hassle Free Maintenance

Thermal Efficiency

Promotional Offers

Canada Stove

Canada Stove

Un modello di stufa a pellet ad aria fornito di doppia accensione e di un vetro che costituisce

Siberia Stove

Siberia Stove

A model of the air pellet stove air supplied with dual ignition and a double glass which is an

Alaska Stove

Alaska Stove

E la stufa piu piccola della serie, ideale per piccoli e medi ambienti, contenuta nei costi ma

San Diego Stove

San Diego Stove

San Diego e la stufa ad aria che dispone di un innovativo scambiatore interno, che permette un

Our Promise

We are dedicated to the design and development of an innovative concept of heating the house and its many benefits when done with a pellet stove.