Our Company

Thanks to the advanced technological processes and the craftsmanship we are able to guarantee the high heat exchange values matched to considerable reductions in consumption.
Our company specializes in heating, especially in the production of pellet stoves, with an active search for innovative solutions born from the collaboration and experience of our most capable experts.

The range of our stoves ranges from classic, rustic, up to the most modern trends. The attention to detail, the high quality of raw materials, precision workmanship and attention to design are the most tangible and concrete expression.

We are dedicated to the design and development of an innovative concept of heating the house and its many benefits when done with a pellet stove.

Our Stoves

Our company has great experience in the field of domestic heating pellet:

It was founded with the aim of creating products that combine the quality of craftsmanship and attention to detail to the best technologies on the square for the maximum reduction in consumption.

But paying the utmost attention to design, classic or modern depending on the specific needs accurately and to the study of the components necessary for operation, with a view to maintenance to be carried out easily, quickly and without complications.

The production cycle requires careful craftsmanship using high quality materials and innovative technologies to create a product that will last a long time. A thorough quality control and safety according to European regulations in force, makes of our pellet stoves of valuable products, technologically advanced and above all neighbors and environment.