Pellet Stoves, what you should know

rahuel pellet stoves

Pellet stoves are equipped with a tank which is to accommodate the pellet. Its capacity varies depending on the model but it usually contains 10-11 kg for smaller stoves and it can get up to 60 kg.

For the switching on and off you can use a simple remote control; once put the stove into operation, the fuel will fall into the burning pot automatically through a flue, in which will be burned forming a small flame. The temperature will gradually stabilize according to the one you set and the heat will spread in the environment due to one or more fans.

The latest models are equipped with thermostats, devices through which you can set the switching on and off time of the stove, in addition to the temperature control. This allows you to keep the environment always warm without wasting energy and to have a product corresponding to your own necessity. Some stoves are even equipped with a Gprs kit that allows you to turn on and adjust the stove via sms. You could use it while you are driving back from work and you want to find your home warm and welcoming once arrived.

The power of the heat varies according to the size of the stove and the amount of pellet burning, in addition obviously to the quality and type of pellet. The heat output will be different depending on the model. Some products have a 2.5 kW -5 power, others a 5-25 kW performance. Taking a practical example, to heat a room of 300 m3 with a surface area of 100 m2 of and 3 m of height, it must have at least 10 kW of heat output.
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