Small Pellet Stove

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It falls into the category of small pellet stoves and it is the smallest of our stoves and for this reason we advise to use it in small or medium size environment.

The stove also has a reasonable price but it guarantees the maximum performance.

In addition to being a small pellet stove, the care in the design of the burn-pot allows an easy cleaning.

Another one of our models that lends itself well in small spaces is the flat pellet stove Marmolada, which with its 30cm depth is one of the best-selling stoves.

Our prices are amongst the most competitive in the market, request information, or the price of the fireplace without obligation!
Stove Technical Data:

  • Maximum power: 6 Kw
  • Minimum power: 2,5 Kw
  • Tank capacity: 20 Kg
  • Efficiency: 85%
  • Minimum pellet consumption: 2,5 Kg
  • Minimum pellet consumption: 0,5 Kg
  • Heatable Area: 90 mq
  • Dimensions (cm): H 91, L 53, P 52
  • Weight: 100 Kg
  • Size flue: 80 mm
  • Power consumption: 100/300 W

The tests were conducted with 6 mm wood pellets and 18928 kJ/kg calorific value with 6.6% moisture content