The advantages of pellet stoves

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It is helpful to understand what type of pellet stove to choose: the market offers a wide variety of products but it is important to consider from the beginning (besides the cost of the stove and its installation) the costs for its supply and maintenance and the security measures that must be followed.

If your choice is oriented toward a gas stove you should know that these stoves are very expensive, even with regard to their supply and maintenance and the price of natural gas is increasing.

If you prefer a wood stove instead because of the low maintenance and supply costs, you should know, however, that the purchase price is high. Moreover, you will have to carry heavy wood in the house all winter long, not to mention the dirt accumulating.

Do not worry, there’s a better solution which combines the advantages of a wood stove with the comfort of a gas stove: the pellet stove!

The advantages of pellet stoves

The installation cost is minimal, it does not require connection to any house plant because it only requires a power outlet and you can place it wherever you want and move it anywhere.

This may seem like a disadvantage but actually the power consumption is very low given its fully automatic functioning.

The costs of supply are limited: given the new technologies it is possible to create pellets with very high efficiency but at very low cost. Pellet stoves can heat many cubic meters in a short time and with a minimal amount of pellet, heating is provided for hours.

In addition, another difference from the other stoves is the method of loading the fuel: it is not necessary to open the door like in wood stoves, risking of burning yourself and dispersing the heat in the meantime.

The pellet falls directly from the top into a special burner, it automatically ignites and there are very few ash residues considering the forced air combustion that pushes them through the chimney.

Another advantage is the environmental sustainability of this device: the emissions are minimal and the pellet only comes from approved forests, continually replenished with new trees.

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